What’s Introversion?

What's Introversion?
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Introversion is an inborn temperament and part of some people’s personality. It’s NOT a weakness or flaw. Introverts are okay just the way they are. They neither have to change nor overcome their introversion, even though people often make them feel that something is wrong with them. In our society, extroverted traits like talkativeness, sociableness, and outgoingness are higher valued than introverted qualities. Hence, introverts often feel “different” and misunderstood.

Please keep that in mind: Telling an introvert to “open up” or “talk more” is extremely rude and intolerant. It’s just like an introvert would tell an extrovert to “shut up.”

Introverts need alone time to recharge their batteries, especially after spending time with other people. They’re often quiet souls, but not particularly shy. There are many myths about introverts, e.g., that they’re unhappy, shy, aloof, or antisocial. Read more about these misconceptions here.

Many, but not all introverts are highly sensitive people (HSP). That means that they easily get overstimulated by bright lights and colors, loud noises, strong scents, etc. HSP’s also have a lower pain threshold and are extremely sensitive to conflict and criticism.

The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert. Extroverts get energized by social interaction. Most people are ambiverts, though. These are combining personality traits of introverts and extroverts. Scientists estimate that approximately 25 to 40 percent of the population are introverts.

Please note:

“There is no such a thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.”

Carl Jung

Are you a fellow innie?

Here are 25 common signs of introverts.

Don’t fret if not each of the indications apply to you. We all have complex personalities, and no two people are alike.

  1. You feel drained after meeting people and need alone time to recharge.
  2. Since you’re a good listener, your friends often trust you with their sorrows.
  3. You pay attention to details that others overlook.
  4. In group discussions, you often don’t get a word in because you overthink before you speak.
  5. You’re pretty good at making excuses for why you can’t attend a party or social gathering.
  6. Whenever someone wants to make small talk with you, you get this nagging feeling of awkwardness.
  7. You are not much of a talker, but you love to write. If you had the choice between giving someone a call or texting/emailing them, you’d pick the latter.
  8. Loud noises, bright lights or colors, and strong smells overstimulate you.
  9. You prefer having a small circle of close friends to lots of casual acquaintances.
  10. Daydreaming is one of your favorite pastimes.
  11. Your mood gets quickly influenced by the feelings of the people around you because you’re very empathetic.
  12. When you’re supposed to work or study in a group, you have trouble concentrating. You prefer working/studying on your own.
  13. You’re often “escaping” reality by zoning out and letting your mind wander. Hence, people mistakenly assume that you’re inattentive.
  14. Personal growth and development are significant to you. You like to broaden your horizons and learn something new.
  15. You don’t like occupying the center stage, but prefer staying on the sideline.
  16. When you’re excited and enthusiastic, you don’t jump for joyโ€”that’s why extroverts often think that you’re unhappy or even depressed.
  17. You are more sensitive to caffeine and pain than others.
  18. When you think that you mistreated or put someone out, you quickly feel guilty and bad about them.
  19. You take more time to get your job done than your colleagues, and they might accuse you of being a slowpoke.
  20. People suppose erroneously that you’re aloof because of your private nature.
  21. You have a lot to say, but you are picky to whom you open up.
  22. Repartee is not one of your strengths. You often don’t know what to say, but come up with the perfect response when the conversation is already over.
  23. You have a hard time declining things and saying no.
  24. Spending an entire weekend on your own, reading, writing, or watching movies is something you enjoy.
  25. You love deep, meaningful conversations either personally with a friend or two, or by email/letter.

Can you relate to most of these signs? If so, you’re most likely an introvert.

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